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  • Mardi 2 Mai 2017 - Séminaire CDC Orateur(s) : Aitor HIERRO

    Cooperative interactions between retromer and SNX3 direct cargo recycling from endosomes

    One of the most important challenges in the trafficking field is deciphering the fidelity code by which cargo proteins are selectively recognized and delivered. Aitor Hierro's laboratory has been focusing on the mechanisms and specific interactions during selective recruitment of cargo molecules ...

  • Mardi 2 Mai 2017 - Séminaire Nuclear dynamic series Orateur(s) : Ritwick Sawakar (Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics, Freiburg, Allemagne)

    Hsp90@chromatin.nucleus: A new address of a stress protein

      A typical metazoan cell expresses only a fraction of all the genes it inherits from the mother cell. How does a cell decide which genes to express? Organisms have evolved sophisticated logical networks, which select genes for expression. An important element in these networks is chromatin th...

  • Mercredi 3 Mai 2017 - Séminaire CDC Orateur(s) : Silvia SANTOS

    Control principles in cell decision making: lessons from quantitative biology

    During cell decision-making, gene and protein networks dynamically change in response to cues in order to trigger different cellular states. How information is decoded and transmitted in order to commit to specific cell fates has been a fundamental question in cell and developmental biology and...

  • Mercredi 3 Mai 2017 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Raphaël VOITURIEZ (Laboratoire Jean Perrin, CNRS / UPMC, Paris)

    Actin flows in cell migration, from polarity to trajectories


  • Mardi 9 Mai 2017 - Conférence Orateur(s) : William Sellers (Broad Institute, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Harvard Medical School, Boston), Jessica Zucman Rossi (INSERM U1162 « génétique fonctionnelle des tumeurs solides » CEPH Fondation Jean Dausset, Paris), Cathrin Brisken (ISREC, School of Life Sciences Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale (EPFL) Lausanne, Switzerland), Martine Piccart (Université libre de Bruxelles, Service de médecine de l’Institut Jules Bordet, Bruxelles)

    8e Journée Roger Monier

    Meeting co-sponsored by Gustave Roussy and Institut Curie that honors the memory of Professor Roger Monier, a prominent figure in French modern biology. This half-a-day meeting focuses on a forefront issues in cancer biology: « Determinants of anticancer therapy ». Inscription gratuite mais...

  • Mercredi 10 Mai 2017 - Ateliers

    Radiobiologie le Tandem de demain...

    Inscription gratuite mais obligatoire :  Programme :  8h30 - 15h00

  • Mardi 16 Mai 2017 - Séminaire Immunology series Orateur(s) : Douglas Green (Department of Immunology, St. Jude Children’s Research Institute, Memphis, TN USA)

    Noncanonical Autophagy and Phagocytosis: Two ancient pathways converge on inflammation, innate immunity, and aging

    Two ancient processes, phagocytosis and macroautophagy, arose as mechanisms of meeting the energy demands of the cell.  Both also evolved into mechanisms of host defense.  We have described a process we term “LC3-Associated Phagocytosis” (LAP), in which signals that are generated upon...

  • Du Lundi 15 Mai 2017 Au Mardi 16 Mai 2017 - Séminaire institutionnel "Marie Curie Seminar" Orateur(s) : Douglas Green (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, USA)

    To the edge of necroptosis and back

    Publications: Gong, Y., Guy, C. Olauson, H., Becker, J.U., Yang, M., Fitzgerald, P., Linkermann, A., and Green, D.R.  ESCRT-III acts downstream of MLKL to regulate necroptotic cell death and its consequences.  Cell, in press. Quarato, G., Guy, C.S., Grace, C.R., Llambi, F., Nourse, A., Rodr...

  • Mercredi 17 Mai 2017 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Jason FINE

    Two Time Scale Methods for Predictions Using Cancer Registry Data

    In the standard analysis of competing risks data, proportional hazards models are fit to the cause-specific hazard functions for all causes on the same time scale. These regression analyses are the foundation for predictions of cause-specific cumulative incidence functions based on combining the ...

  • Jeudi 18 Mai 2017 - Séminaire Orsay series Orateur(s) : Lluis Mir (Gustave-Roussy, Villejuif, France)

    Electroporation and electropermeabilization : validated clinical applications and new hypotheses about the changes at the cell membrane caused by the electric pulses

    Electroporation is a well-established laboratory technique. Electroporation corresponds to the application of short and intense electric pulses to cells (either bacterial or eukaryotic) and it is often used to transfer nucleic acids into the cells. The term electroporation suggests the generation...

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