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  • Mardi 23 Octobre 2018 - Séminaire Cell Biology Series Orateur(s) : Guillaume VAN NIEL, PhD

    Live tracking of inter-organ communication by endogenous exosomes in vivo

    Our recent works aim at understanding the conserved mechanisms that regulate the balance between lysosomal degradation and exosomes secretion and to unveil the biology of extracellular vesicles in vivo. Extracellular vesicles (EVs) such as exosomes are released by most cell types but the definiti...

  • Mardi 23 Octobre 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Andres Leschziner (Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine and Division of Biological Sciences, University of California San Diego La Jolla, CA, USA)

    Structural and functional diversity in ATP-dependent nucleosome remodelers

    ATP-dependent nucleosome remodeling factors (“remodelers”) use the energy from ATP hydrolysis to non-covalently modify the structure of nucleosomes, the basic unit of DNA packaging in eukaryotic genomes. Remodelers are conserved from yeast to humans, and while they are very diverse in...

  • Mercredi 24 Octobre 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Felipe Court

    Pro-regenerative effect of glial cell exosomes and its modulation by transcriptional programs.

    I studied biology in Chile working as an undergraduate in the lab of Dr. Jaime Alvarez in local protein synthesis in axons. I then moved to Europe and obtained an MSc and later a Ph.D. at Edinburgh University working in the labs of Dr. Richard Ribchester and Dr. Peter Brophy. Holding an EMBO post...

  • Mercredi 24 Octobre 2018 - Séminaire institutionnel "Mayent - Rothschild" Orateur(s) : Douglas Mcneel (M.D. Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA))

    DNA vaccines as treatment for human prostate cancer – targeting the PD-1/PD-L1 pathway as a major mechanism of resistance

    Prostate cancer has been viewed as an immunologically “cold” tumor, devoid of large numbers of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes.  We have been interested in vaccines as T-cell activating therapies to ideally augment tumor-specific cytolytic CD8+ T cells as a treatment for early recurren...

  • Jeudi 25 Octobre 2018 - Séminaire Nuclear dynamic series Orateur(s) : Gary KARPEN (Molecular & Cell Biology - UC Berkeley)

    Centromeres, heterochromatin, phase transition and fire works

    The Karpen lab has a long-standing interest in chromatin structure and function, with a special emphasis on heterochromatic DNA regions. The current projects in the lab range from centromere formation and function, to the role of lncRNAs, ageing, and DNA repair in heterochromatin formation and ma...

  • Lundi 29 Octobre 2018 - Séminaire Curie TechWatch Orateur(s) : Petr Strnad

    «Dual illumination inverted light sheet microscope for live imaging»

    Light sheet microscopy is an attractive fluorescent microscopy technology offering optical sectioning, high imaging speed and low photo-toxicity. Organoid cultures have been recently established to study organ formation and tissue morphogenesis. While light sheet microscopy would be the imaging t...

  • Mardi 30 Octobre 2018 - Séminaire Cell Biology Series Orateur(s) : Ricardo HENRIQUES

    Democratising high-quality live-cell super-resolution microscopy enabled by open-source analytics in ImageJ

    Super-resolution microscopy has become essential for the study of nanoscale biological processes. This type of imaging often requires the use of specialised image analysis tools to process a large volume of recorded data and extract quantitative information. In recent years, our team has built an...

  • Mardi 30 Octobre 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Isabelle Mus-Veteau (Institut de Pharmacologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire, UMR-CNRS 7275 660, route des Lucioles, Sophia Antipolis, Valbonne, France)

    Targeting the Multidrug Transporter Ptch1 Potentiates Chemotherapy Efficiency

    One of the crucial challenges in the clinical management of cancer is resistance to chemotherapeutics. Multidrug resistance (MDR) has been intensively studied, and one of the most prominent mechanisms underlying MDR is overexpression of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters. Despite research ef...

  • Mercredi 31 Octobre 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Bruno Cadot (Center for Research in Myology, Sorbonne Université )

    The nuclear-cytoskeleton connection and nuclear positioning during muscle formation.

    Muscle cells are characterized by the presence of multiple nuclei evenly spaced under the plasma membrane. Whether this particular arrangement is required for muscle function is still under debate. Nonetheless, several muscular diseases are characterized by abnormal nuclear positioning, such as c...

  • Mercredi 31 Octobre 2018 - Séminaire institutionnel "Mayent - Rothschild" Orateur(s) : Oakey Rebecca (Professor of Epigenetics | Dean for Doctoral Studies | King's College London, UK)

    Imprinted loci as a model for studying epigenetic regulation of alternative polyadenylation

    The transcriptome of a cell is tightly regulated by epigenetic mechanisms including DNA methylation and histone modifications. We previously found that epigenetic mechanisms can influence the utilization of alternative polyadenylation sites and induce intron retention. Others have shown that epig...

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