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  • Friday, 20th, May 2022 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Kerstin Meyer (CRUK Cambridge Centre - Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute)

    A spatial multiomics atlas of the human lungs reveals a novel IgA immune niche

    To better understand lung function and immunity, we have generated a multi-omics single cell, nuclei and Visium Spatial Transcriptomics data set for 5 proximal-to-distal locations of the human lung. Our atlas defines novel cell types/states which we map back into the macro- and micro-anatomical t...

  • Wednesday, 25th, May 2022 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Roberto Weigert (National Cancer Institute, Bethesda (USA))

    Imaging tumor initiation and progression in live animals at cellular and sub-cellular resolution


  • Tuesday, 31st, May 2022 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Sonia Lameiras (Institut Curie)

    Define your NGS project with RIMS tool

    The NGS platform proposes this seminar to help users in defining their NGS projects using the RIMS interface. We'll present or remind you how the RIMS portal works, as well as the sequencing applications available at the platform. You'll see how to set up your NGS project : from RIMS submission t...

  • Tuesday, 31st, May 2022 - Séminaire Cell Biology Series Speaker(s) : Nikhil Jain (Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, University of Birmingham (UK))

    Mechano-Immunology: Novel mechanical routes to drive inflammatory epigenomic programs

    Nikhil Jain is a Birmingham Fellow working across the Institutes of Inflammation and Ageing, and the School of Chemical Engineering. Nikhil is a cell engineer who specializes in mechanobiology and developing novel bioengineering tools and techniques and combining them with cutting-edge epi-imagin...

  • Wednesday, 1st, June 2022 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Arezki Boudaoud (Ecole Polytechnique)

    Fluctuations during morphogenesis

    What sets the size and form of living organisms is still, by large, an open question. During this talk, I will illustrate how we are approaching this question by focusing on temporal and spatial fluctuations of tissue mechanics and growth, both experimentally and theoretically. First, I will disc...

  • Tuesday, 7th, June 2022 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Daniela Thommen (Netherlands Cancer Institute - Amsterdam, Netherlands)

    Dissecting and modulating reactive anti-tumor immunity in human cancers

    Reinvigoration of tumor-specific T cells by cancer immunotherapies, in particular PD-1/PD-L1 blocking agents, has been the most important innovation in the treatment of patients with cancer. Nevertheless, durable clinical benefit is currently limited to a small number of patients. At present, the...

  • Tuesday, 7th, June 2022 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Enrico Lugli (Humanitas Research - Milano, Italy)

    Molecular regulation of T cell responses in human cancer

    T cells can largely infiltrate human tumors but fail to provide long-term control of cancer growth due to acquired dysfunction and immunosuppression in the tumor microenvironment. We have discovered stem-like T cell populations with capability to mediate superior anti-tumor T cell responses. I wi...

  • From Tuesday, 7th, June 2022 To Thursday, 9th, June 2022 - Symposium Speaker(s) : Raphaël Rodriguez (Institut Curie), Fatima Mechta-Grigoriou (Institut Curie), Bob Weinberg


    The 4th edition SUNRise Meeting will be held from 7th to 9th June 2022 at INSTITUT CURIE - Paris.  More information to come. 

  • Tuesday, 14th, June 2022 - Conférence Speaker(s) : Dominique Stoppa-Lyonnet (Institut Curie), Stephen Kowalczykowski (University of California, Davis, CA, USA),

    Cancers du sein et de l'ovaire : le continuum patient-recherche-patient pour une médecine de précision

    Cancers du sein et de l'ovaire : le continuum patient-recherche-patient pour une médecine de précision

  • Wednesday, 15th, June 2022 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Jasna Brujic (New York University, NY)

    Folding Colloidal Polymers by Design

    Modern materials can be designed to self-organize into structures that perform a wide range of functions. The past two decades have witnessed major innovations in the versatility of building blocks, ranging from DNA on the nanoscale to handshaking materials on the macroscale. One can reliably sel...

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