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  • Lundi 24 Septembre 2018 - Séminaire Cell Biology Series Orateur(s) : Sandra SCHMID, Ph.D

    Reciprocal Regulation of Signaling and Endocytosis: Implications for the evolving cancer cell

    The transformed cell surreptitiously multiplies while undergoing generations of selected evolution to acquire the characteristics of an aggressive, and deadly, metastatic tumor. Many of these characteristics, including proliferation, survival and invasion are driven by alterations in signaling an...

  • Mardi 25 Septembre 2018 - Séminaire institutionnel "Marie Curie Seminar" Orateur(s) : Alfonso VALENCIA (BSC Barcelona Supercomputing Center)

    Networks based approaches in epigenomics, evolution and biomedicine

    Network biology, a growing field of Computational Biology, opens great new possibilities for the study of complex biological systems. In this presentation, I will review four specific cases of the application network approaches. In the first study, we processed heterogeneous ChIP-Seq informati...

  • Mardi 25 Septembre 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Stefan Pfister

    Hereditary predisposition to childhood brain tumors – an underappreciated challenge?

    It has been well established that pathogenic germline mutations in genes like TP53, PTCH1, SUFU, APC, NF1, SMARCB1, SMARCA4, BRCA2 and the MMR genes are associated with an increased incidence of brain tumors. Most of them are associated with a specific type of brain tumor. It has been estimated t...

  • Mercredi 26 Septembre 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Eric Dufresne ( Department of Materials, ETHZ)

    Liquid-liquid phase-separatio​n in an elastic matrix: from living cells to synthetic materials

    In order to function effectively, living cells need to compartmentaliz​e myriad chemical reactions. In the classic view, distinct functional volumes are separated by thin oily-barriers called membranes. Recently, the spontaneous sorting of cellular components into membraneless liquid-like d...

  • Vendredi 28 Septembre 2018 - Séminaire Cell Biology Series Orateur(s) : Michael S. MARKS, Ph.D. (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute - University of Pennsylvania (UPENN) - USA)

    Dendritic cell membrane dynamics during innate responses to bacterial pathogens

    Patients with the rare disease, Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome type 2 (HPS2), suffer from recurrent bacterial infections. Dendritic cells are critical first responders in innate and adaptive immunity to bacterial infections, and cell biological analyses of dendritic cells in a mouse HPS2 model reveal ...

  • Vendredi 28 Septembre 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Loren Hough (BioFrontiers Institute, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309, USA)

    Post-translational modification of microtubule C-terminal tails regulates microtubule bending and binding

    Microtubules made from alpha-beta tubulin heterodimers are important for cell migration, long range transport, and cell division. The intrinsically disordered C-terminal tails of tubulin are involved in mediating binding interactions with tubulin and affecting larger scale microtubule dynamics.  ...

  • Lundi 1 Octobre 2018 - Séminaire Cell Biology Series Orateur(s) : Paul A. GLEESON, PhD (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute - The University of Melbourne - Australia)

    Intracellular membrane trafficking: relevance to neurological disease


  • Mercredi 3 Octobre 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Jian LU

    Adaptive Evolution of Gene Regulation at Systems Level

    A central question in evolutionary biology is how genotypes affect phenotypes. It is widely believed that gene expression changes can also affect phenotypes. In my lab, we combine traditional evolutionary studies and functional genomics to address some fundamental issues related to gene regulat...

  • Mardi 9 Octobre 2018 - Séminaire Cell Biology Series Orateur(s) : Patrick LOMONTE (Institut NeuroMyoGène (INMG) - Team “Chromatin Assembly, Nuclear Domains, Virus” - Faculty of Medicine & Pharmacy - Lyon, France)

    Promyelocytic leukemia nuclear bodies (PML NBs) and chromatin dynamics : What a virus can tell us about senescence ?

    PML NBs are involved in many biological processes including antiviral response, apoptosis, and senescence. Many studies converge to attribute to PML NBs a role in chromatin dynamics however little is known about their real involvement. We used the peculiar properties of the viral genome of herpes...

  • Vendredi 12 Octobre 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Anthony MATHELIER (Oslo University Hospital)

    Multiple ways of altering the gene regulatory program in cancers: focus on transcription factors, DNA methylation, and microRNAs

    While most cancer studies focused on patient variations lying in protein-coding regions, the noncoding ~98% of the genome, containing cis-regulatory regions that control when and where genes are expressed, is largely unexplored. Transcription factors are key proteins binding to cis-regulatory reg...

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