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  • Lundi 19 Mars 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Morgan HUSE

    Mechanical Control of Cytotoxic T Cell Function

    Cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) fight viral infections and cancer by selectively recognizing and destroying infected or cancerous target cells.  CTLs kill by forming a specialized interface, known as an immunological synapse, with their target cell, into which they secrete a mixture of toxic prote...

  • Lundi 19 Mars 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Mijo Simunovic (The Rockefeller University, New York)

    Molecular mechanism of breaking the anterior-posterior symmetry in a 3D synthetic human epiblast

    Breaking of the anterior-posterior (a-p) symmetry at gastrulation defines the first body axis in a developing mammalian embryo. While many of the signaling pathways of this process have been elucidated in the mouse, how the initial asymmetry is established and what mechanisms drive symmetry break...

  • Mardi 20 Mars 2018 - Séminaire Cell Biology Series Orateur(s) : Vincenzo COSTANZO ( IFOM – The FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology, Milan, Italy)

    Mechanisms of replication fork protection

    For more information: and a second link:

  • Mercredi 21 Mars 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Peter Tieleman (Director, Centre for Molecular Simulation)

    Coarse-grained simulations of biological membranes

    Biological membranes have a complex composition with hundreds of different lipids and a high protein concentration. The nature of the lateral structure of membranes is hotly debated as experiments reach increasingly higher spatial and temporal resolution and simulations increasingly larger time a...

  • Mercredi 21 Mars 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Jacob GLANVILLE, Sarah IVES

    #1: Computational ImmunoEngineering & the Synthetic Biology Revolution: lessons in T-cell receptor engineering, antibody engineering, (....) - #2: Applied computational immunology: validation of a universal vaccine techn. in influenza & pigs

    Abstract #1: Jacob Glanville Adaptive immunity is predicated on combinatorial complexity. This complexity enables the body to continuously defend itself against a universe of ever-evolving pathogens, but has also frustrated efforts to analyze and characterize adaptive immune function. In the las...

  • Mercredi 21 Mars 2018 - Séminaire Orsay series Orateur(s) : Stéphane Rocchi (INSERM U1065, team 12, Nice, France)

    Identification and characterization of new anti-melanoma compounds

    The melanoma is one of the most lethal cancers among young adults. Melanoma has a high capability of invasion and rapid metastasis to other organs. The prognosis of metastatic melanoma is extremely pejorative. Even if recently encouraging results were obtained with BRAF inhibitors, these response...

  • Mardi 27 Mars 2018 - Séminaire Cell Biology Series Orateur(s) : Benoît LADOUX (Institut Jacques Monod (Université Paris Diderot and CNRS), Mechanobiology Institute (Singapore, NUS))

    Dynamics of epithelial cells during collective migration and cell extrusion

    The directed migration of cell collectives is essential in various physiological processes, such as epiboly, drosophila dorsal closure and convergent extension during morphogenesis as well as pathological events like wound healing and cancer metastasis. Collective cell migration leads to the emer...

  • Mercredi 28 Mars 2018 - Conférence Orateur(s) : Ioannis Xenarios (Center for Integrative Genomics)

    Systems level modeling between biocuration, prediction and validations


  • Jeudi 29 Mars 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Wolfram LIEBERMEISTER (INRA - Unité MaIAGE)

    Resource Allocation in Large Dynamic Models of Cell Metabolism

    Metabolic fluxes in cells are sometimes assumed to reflect an economical use of enzymes. To apply this principle of "minimal enzyme cost" and to study its consequences, I consider two types of computational metabolic models: models in which fluxes are given and metabolite levels are chosen to min...

  • Du Jeudi 29 Mars 2018 Au Vendredi 30 Mars 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Richard HOULSTON (Institute of Cancer Research, UK), Paolo VINEIS (Imperial College, UK), Karl MUNGER (Tufts univ., USA), Lluis FAJAS COLL (UNIL, CH), Peter CAMPBELL (Sanger, UK), Luciano DI CROCE (CRG, ES), Christoph PLASS (DFKZ, DE), Stephen BAYLIN (Johns Hopkins, USA), Peter RATCLIFFE (Oxford univ., UK), Thomas BRABLETZ (Erlangen univ., DE), Lucie LAPLANE (IGR, FR), Sylvia FRE (Institut Curie), Peter DIRKS (SickKids, CA), Cedric BLANPAIN (ULB, BEL)

    The origin of cancer : once upon a cell...

    The ADELIH conference is back for the 3rd edition! This year, the conference will take place at Chimie ParisTech on 29-30th March 2018         We will focus on “The origin of cancer: Once upon a cell…” and 4 cancer-related topics have been selected: - Cancer s...

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