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  • Wednesday, 3rd, June 2020 - Séminaire Immunology series Speaker(s) : Bernard Malissen (Centre d’Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy and Centre d’Immunophénomique, Aix Marseille Universite)

    Quantitative interactomics of the TCR signal-transduction network helps designing coinhibitory-based immunotherapy

    The activation of T cells by the T cell antigen receptor (TCR) results in the formation of signaling protein complexes (signalosomes), the composition of which has not been analyzed at system-level. We isolated primary T cells from 17 gene-targeted mice each expressing at physiological levels one...

  • Thursday, 18th, June 2020 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Annabelle BALLESTA (CNRS, Villejuif)

    Multi-scale Systems Pharmacology to Personalize Anticancer Drug Combination and Schedule

    The quest for personalized cancer management has fostered the development of new technologies enabling the longitudinal assessment of patient- and tumor-specific features at the molecular, tissue and whole organism scales. To ensure the translation of these multi-type datasets into individualized...

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