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  • Tuesday, 8th, December 2020 - Séminaire Nuclear dynamic series Speaker(s) : Magda Bienko (Karolinska Institute)

    Illuminating genome organization through integrated microscopy and sequencing

    In the nucleus of eukaryotic cells, a significant portion of the genome consists of lamina-associated domains, which are preferentially located at the nuclear periphery. However, how the remaining parts of the genome are exactly radially organized in the nucleus remains largely unknown. During my...

  • Wednesday, 9th, December 2020 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Virgile Viasnoff (CNRS and Mechanobiology Institute of Singapore)

    Unexpected features of tubologenesis. How hepatocytes turn spherical lumens into elongated tubes.

    Lumenogenesis is a common mechanism in plant and animals that consists in creating, gaps, and lumens between cells to allow the formation of ducts. The creation of tubes occurs following several scenarios that are worth comparing. In this presentation I will present our understanding of how small...

  • Wednesday, 16th, December 2020 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Anna Erzberger (EMBL Heidelberg, Germany)

    First a war then a dance: How sensory organs take shape

    Actively regulated symmetry breaking, which is ubiquitous in biological cells, underlies phenomena such as directed cellular movement and morphological polarization. Here, we investigate how an organ-level polarity pattern emerges through symmetry breaking at the cellular level during the formati...

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