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  • Friday, 8th, December 2023 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Hélène SALMON (Institut Curie)

    "Paired multiplex imaging and spatial transcriptomics to decipher the tumor cells-fibroblasts crosstalk in lung and head & neck cancer "

    Already the 10th seminar of the series ! For this session, we will host Helene Salmon , head of the Stroma and Immunity lab in Curie (U932). She will present their insights in paired multiplex imaging and spatial transcriptomics to decipher the tumor cells-fibroblasts crosstalk in lung and head &...

  • Friday, 8th, December 2023 - Séminaire Orsay series Speaker(s) : Olalla Vázquez (Philipps-Universität Marburg, Department of Chemistry, Chemical Biology Division, Marburg, Germany)

    Illuminating the Path: A ChemBio Toolbox for Biological Processes

    Life is highly dynamic relaying on a myriad of carefully orchestrated processes with strict spatial and temporal control. To decipher cellular functions and, in turn, address complex biological questions is necessary to have precise control. In my group, we pursue such the dream of achieving a mo...

  • From Thursday, 7th, December 2023 To Saturday, 9th, December 2023 - Cours international - séminaire

    1er Cours des Cancers Urothéliaux 2023 : hétérogénéité tumorale et résistance thérapeutique

    L'objectif de ce cours est de fournir une vue d'ensemble pratique et actualisée des dernières recherches et des développements cliniques dans le domaine du cancer urothélial, y compris les cancers de la vessie invasifs et non invasifs sur le plan musculaire, les carcinomes urothéliaux des voies u...

  • Friday, 15th, December 2023 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Catherine FREUDENREICH (Department of Biology Program in Genetics, Cell & Molecular Biology Tufts University Medford, MA, USA)

    The dangerous combination of DNA structures and chromosome gaps: implications for repeat instability and cell survival

    The Freudenreich lab uses the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast) as a model organism to study genome instability. In particular, we investigate the molecular basis of two related types of DNA mutations:  repeat expansions and chromosome fragility.  Expansion of repeat sequences is the...

  • Monday, 8th, January 2024 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Raphael Ceccaldi (Institut Curie), Raphael Rodriguez (Institut Curie)

    Double Raphael - Double Trouble - Double Impact

    "How homologous recombination (HR)-deficient tumors survive genomic instability"   Abstract Gaining recognition in the last few years, alternative DNA repair pathways were recently shown to be required for cancer cell viability in the absence of homologous recombination (HR)-mediated...

  • Friday, 31st, May 2024 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Wei Yang (National Institute of Health - NIH)

    Cutting and Pasting DNA to Create our Adaptive Immune System

    V(D)J recombination is essential for generating the adaptive immune response and unlimited number of different antibodies and antigen receptors. Encoded by multiple V, D and J gene segments, antigen receptors are assembled by programmed double-stranded DNA cleavage and imprecise re-joining. RAG1/...

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