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  • Tuesday, 6th, June 2023 - Séminaire Immunology series Speaker(s) : Andrew Harman (School of Medical Sciences at the University of Sydney )

    Definitional and characterisation of human tissue mononuclear phagocytes and their role in HIV transmission

    Mononuclear phagocytes (MNP) consist of Langerhans cells, macrophages and dendritic cells (DC). They can become infected by HIV and transport the virus to its primary target cells (CD4 T cells) in association with their antigen presenting cell function.  We have revealed that the MNPs within a...

  • Tuesday, 6th, June 2023 - Conférence Speaker(s) : Paul Gougis (Institut Curie)

    ChatGPT for scientific writing

    Paul Gougis from the RT2 group will be conducting a presentation on the topic of chatGPT for scientific writing on Tuesday, June 6th at 14:00. During the presentation, he will address practical aspects of utilizing chatGPT for medical writing, as well as some broader considerations. The ses...

  • Wednesday, 7th, June 2023 - Webinaire Speaker(s) : Benjamin Lemasson (Inserm - Université Grenoble Alpes)

    Caractérisation des tumeurs cérébrales en IRM : de l’acquisition au traitement d’image

    Le domaine de l'imagerie médicale a connu un essor important au cours des 20 dernières années, avec la démocratisation de l'IRM multiparamétrique tant en préclinique qu'en clinique. Ces évolutions technologiques en matière d'acquisition se sont accompagnées du développement de nouvelles méthodes ...

  • Wednesday, 7th, June 2023 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Denis Duboule (Collège de France and EPFL Lausanne)

    'Synthetic' embryos and the mechanism of the Hox timer

    During vertebrate development, clustered Hox genes are activated in a precise time-sequence, leading to patterns necessary to properly establish the body plan. The mechanism underlying this in cis timing phenomenon (the Hox timer), which is implemented throughout the neck of the developmental hou...

  • Monday, 12th, June 2023 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Edan FOLEY (Adjunct Professor, University of Alberta, Ontario, Canada)

    Characterizing Vibrio cholerae Pathogenesis in a Natural Zebrafish Infection Model

  • Wednesday, 14th, June 2023 - Séminaire institutionnel "Mayent - Rothschild" Speaker(s) : Mariana Maccioni (National University of Córdoba, CIBICI-CONICET, Córdoba, Argentine)

    Lessons from COVID-19 vaccines: high dimensional analyisis of specific T and B cell immune response reveals distinct immunological signatures in 16 combinations of vaccines

    The range of vaccines developed against SARS-CoV-2 gave a unique opportunity to study immunization across different platforms. In a single-center cohort with more than 400 volunteers, we analysed the humoral and cellular immune compartments following five COVID-19 vaccines spanning three technolo...

  • Tuesday, 20th, June 2023 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Maxim Artyomov (Washington University School of Medicine)

    Understanding immune aging in mice and humans

    Dr. Artyomov will present  his work in immune aging where his laboratory using characterized immune aging in mouse tissues identifying GZMK+ CD8 T cells as uniform hallmark of aging. In parallel effort profiling of human circulating immune cells revealed existence of dedicated GZMK+ CD8 effector ...

  • Monday, 26th, June 2023 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Akira Shinohara (Osaka University)

    A role of a new RAD51/DMC1 remodeler in mammalian recombination

    A role of a new RAD51/DMC1 remodeler in mammalian recombination

  • Monday, 26th, June 2023 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Fumiaki Obata (Riken, Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research Kobe, Japan)

    How gut microbiome promotes Drosophila (inflamm)aging  

  • Friday, 30th, June 2023 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Etienne Brain, Elisabeth Lucchi

    Journée trans-départements DOM / DISSPO : L'annonce en oncologie de "comment" à "pourquoi" ?

    Evénement organisée par Dr Etienne Brain et Dr Elisabeth Lucchi, avec le soutien de la Direction de l'Enseignement, ce séminaire aura lieu le 30 juin 2023, à partir de 09h00, en format présentiel, au sein de l'Institut Curie, site de Saint-Cloud (Salle Bourdin, 35 rue Dailly, 92210)

  • Friday, 30th, June 2023 - Séminaire Speaker(s) : Grégoire Altan-Bonnet (Immunodynamics section - Laboratory of Integrative Cancer Immunology - National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD, USA)

    Predictive models of stochasticity in cancer immunotherapy: from single lymphocytes to global inflammation… and back

    to be completed soon

  • Monday, 3rd, July 2023 - Séminaire institutionnel "Mayent - Rothschild" Speaker(s) : Stephen J. SIMPSON (Charles Perkins Centre Research and Education Hub, The University of Sydney)

    Eat Like the Animals: what nature teaches us about the science of healthy eating

    Animals from cockroaches to baboons in the wild instinctively mix a healthy, balanced diet. Why can't we? In this lecture I describe my 35-year research journey with colleague David Raubenheimer to discover the answers to this question. Our scientific detective story involves (among other things)...

  • From Monday, 25th, September 2023 To Friday, 29th, September 2023 - Cours international - séminaire

    Computational Systems Biology of Cancer - models of data, data for models

    The diversity across tumors from different patients and even across cancer cells from the same patient makes the picture very complex. The idea of ‘personalized' or ‘precision' medicine has been suggested, aiming to find tailored treatment regimen for each patient according to the ind...

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