Séminaires du jour

  • Mercredi 23 Mai 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Anne-Claude Gavin (EMBL - Group Biochemical networks in health and diseases)

    A network of lipid-transfer proteins at the crossroads between metabolism and signalling

    Lipid metabolism attracts much attention owing to the pleiotropic roles of lipids and their implication in human pathologies, and this interest motivates growing efforts dedicated to cataloguing the lipidome. However, all aspects of lipid function rely on their heterogeneous distribution in livin...

  • Mercredi 23 Mai 2018 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Petra HAJKOVA (MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences)

    Developmental reprogramming: how to make an epigenetically "naïve" state

    “Epigenetic reprogramming encompasses changes in nuclear architecture and epigenetic modifications that eventually lead to a shift in gene expression profile”

  • Mercredi 23 Mai 2018 - Séminaire institutionnel "Mayent - Rothschild" Orateur(s) : Rytis Prekeris (University of Colorado, Denver, CO, USA)

    The Integration of Polarized Membrane Traffic and Cytoskeleton Dynamics: from epithelial cell polarity to cell migration

    The establishment and maintenance of cell polarity is one of the key functions required successful organ morphogenesis and function. Polarized endocytic membrane transport and cytoskeleton dynamics have emerged as main regulators during cell polarization. In this talk I will overview our recent w...

  • Du Mercredi 23 Mai 2018 Au Jeudi 24 Mai 2018 - Séminaire EU-Life

    EU-LIFE Scientific Meeting 2018

    EU-LIFE is an alliance of independent European research institutes in the life-sciences, striving to create an environment that stimulates excellence in research through sharing best practices and expertise in research organization and management. It is a voice for independent research institutes...

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