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  • Lundi 23 Janvier 2017 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Anthony L. DeFranco (University of California, San Francisco (USA))

    Modeling multigenic autoimmune susceptibility in mice with mutations in Aire and Lyn

    My laboratory studies receptor signaling in immune cells with a focus on the B cell antigen receptor (BCR) and Toll-like receptors (TLRs). In a longstanding collaboration with Clifford Lowell (UCSF), we have also studied the role of the Src-family kinase Lyn in inhibitory receptor signaling in B ...

  • Lundi 23 Janvier 2017 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Cédric BLANPAIN (IRIBHM, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB))

    Cancer cell of origin and tumor heterogeneity

    He will discuss how the cell of origin regulates tumor heterogeneity in skin and mammary cancers. He will also present novel approaches to identity the distinct subpopulations that compose tumors and their importance for metastasis and resistance to therapy.

  • Mercredi 25 Janvier 2017 - Séminaire CDC Orateur(s) : Yannick SCHWAB

    Phenotypic screens at the sub-cellular level by automated correlative light and electron microscopy

    The Schwab team is interested in developing tools for the 3D correlation of data generated by fluorescent imaging and by electron microscopy. Future projects and goals: In parallel to the fast evolution of CLEM techniques over the past decade, acquisition methods in electron microscopes hav...

  • Jeudi 26 Janvier 2017 - Séminaire Orsay series Orateur(s) : Michael Elbaum (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)

    New Horizons for cryo-EM, using cryo-STEM

    Scanning transmission electron microscopy, STEM, is an alternative modality to wide-field transmission electron microscopy, TEM. In biological imaging STEM is best known for quantitative mass measurements of macromolecules and molecular complexes. STEM was long considered unsuitable for cryo-imag...

  • Mercredi 8 Février 2017 - Séminaire Curie TechWatch Orateur(s) : Jack Peart (BioNano Genomics)

    What’s missing in your data? Bring unknown structural variations into view with Next-Generation Mapping (NGM) by Irys®

    Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) can reliably identify single nucleotide variants as well as small insertions and deletions. However, NGS fails to identify most large insertions, deletions, or copy-number variations in repetitive regions of the genome and it is incapable of easily detecting genom...

  • Jeudi 9 Février 2017 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Marc-Henri Stern (Institut Curie, Inserm U830, Paris)

    Genomics and genetics of uveal melanoma

    Genetics and genomics of uveal melanoma. Marc-Henri STERN, MD PhD, DR1 Inserm, Inserm U830, Institut Curie, Paris Uveal melanoma (UM) is a rare adult cancer of poor-prognosis [1]. Up to 30% of patients will develop metastatic diseases and once metastases occur usually in the liver, death is...

  • Vendredi 10 Février 2017 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Cédric Gaggioli (Institute for Research on Cancer and Ageing, Nice (IRCAN), University Cote d’Azur, INSERM U1081, CNRS 7284)

    Calcium in, cancer cells out; how calcium signaling is implicated in collective tumor cells invasion

    Abstract Metastatic spreading of carcinoma cells is a complex process involving cross talk between tumor cells and stroma. To disseminate within the surrounding extracellular matrix (MEC), carcinoma cells mainly follow a mode of invasion defined as “collective” because of the migra...

  • Vendredi 10 Février 2017 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Danny REINBERG (Howard Hughes Medical Institute NYU Langone School of Medicine at Smilow Research Center Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology)

    One Genome Multiple Phenotypes: Polycomb at the Center

    Epigenetics encompasses changes in gene expression profiles that occur without alterations in the genomic DNA sequence of a cell. This arises from the dynamic processes that structure regions of chromosomal DNA through a range of compaction in eukaryotes. The altered pattern of gene expression is...

  • Mardi 14 Février 2017 - Séminaire Nuclear dynamic series Orateur(s) : Benjamin PRUD'HOMME (Institut de Biologie et du développement de Marseille)

    Evolution of wing pigmentation patterns in fruitflies, a genomic perspective

      Benjamin Prud'homme's lab studies the genetic mechanisms that give rise to new morphological or behavioral characters and those that allow these characters to diversify between species.

  • Mardi 21 Février 2017 - Séminaire CDC Orateur(s) : Anne ROYOU (IBGC - UMR 5095 (CNRS-UBS), Bordeaux)

    Polo and the response to DNA damage during mitosis

    SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: 1: Derive N, Landmann C, Montembault E, Claverie MC, Pierre-Elies P, Goutte-Gattat D, Founounou N, McCusker D, Royou A. Bub3-BubR1-dependent sequestration of Cdc20Fizzy at DNA breaks facilitates the correct segregation of broken chromosomes. J Cell Biol. 2015 Nov 9;211(3...

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