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  • Lundi 14 Juin 2021 - Séminaire Immunology series Orateur(s) : Theresa Lu (Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS))

    Langerhans cells and protection of skin in lupus

    The mechanisms that limit ultraviolet radiation-induced skin inflammation, or photosensitivity, in autoimmune diseases such as lupus are poorly understood.  We discuss here the role of a Langerhans cell-keratinocyte axis in protecting the skin and how dysfunctional Langerhans cells can contribute...

  • Mercredi 16 Juin 2021 - Séminaire Physico-Chimie Orateur(s) : Cristina Lo Celso (Imperial College London, UK)

    The effects of inflammation on healthy and malignant haematopoiesis

    Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) only function when localised in complex niches within the bone marrow microenvironment, where stroma and haematopoietic cell types cooperate to regulate their function. HSC fate is affected by multiple stresses such as transplantation, infection and leukaemia growt...

  • Jeudi 17 Juin 2021 - Webinaire Orateur(s) : Dr. Ruth Lehmann

    Germ Cells are Forever

    We are pleased to host Dr. Ruth Lehmann, Professor of Biology at MIT and Director of the Whitehead Institute, on June 17th at 14h. Her lab has made many seminar discoveries in areas of stem cell biology, particularly focused on germ cell biology, RNA regulation, piRNAs, cell migration, among othe...

  • Mercredi 23 Juin 2021 - Séminaire Physico-Chimie Orateur(s) : Seraphine V. Wegner (Institute for Physiological Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry, University of Münster, Germany)

    Spatiotemporal control over adhesions in synthetic cells using light

    Many functions in cells arise directly from the spatial and temporal regulation of cell-matrix and cell-cell interactions. In this talk, I will present strategies of how such spatiotemporal control over adhesions of synthetic and natural cells can be achieved with visible light (blue, green or re...

  • Mardi 29 Juin 2021 - Séminaire Cell Biology Series Orateur(s) : Jost ENNINGA (Institut Pasteur, Head of the structure "Dynamics of host-pathogen interactions")

    Reprogramming of Rab GTPases by Shigella effectors drives its intracellular niche formation

    Warning: this seminar is scheduled in an amphitheater but may be transformed in a teleconference if the sanitary conditions require it.  

  • Mercredi 30 Juin 2021 - Séminaire Orateur(s) : Franck DELAUNAY

    Systems biology of coupled oscillators in mammalian cells

    Most organisms have evolved a circadian timing system to adapt their physiology and behavior to the daily environmental changes resulting from the rotation of the earth on its axis. This is achieved through a self-sustained oscillatory gene network present in virtually all cells and which tempora...

  • Mercredi 30 Juin 2021 - Séminaire Physico-Chimie Orateur(s) : Auguste Genovesio (IBENS, Paris)

    Synthetic cellular imaging uncovers invisible phenotypes

    Biology, as an experimental science, heavily relies on observations. However, despite humongous progress in our ability to see and quantify biological events thanks to techniques such as super resolution microscopy, mass spectrometry or single cell sequencing, many processes and phenotypes remain...

  • Du Lundi 27 Septembre 2021 Au Vendredi 1 Octobre 2021 - Séminaire

    4e cours sur la biologie systémique informatique du cancer : multi-omique et approches d'apprentissage machine

    Notre objectif est d'aider les participants à améliorer l'interprétation et l'usage des données multi-échelle qui sont accumulées dans les laboratoires biologiques ou médicaux. Cette année, la formation se concentrera particulièrement sur l'application des approches d'apprentissage automatique...

  • Du Lundi 13 Décembre 2021 Au Mardi 14 Décembre 2021 - Congrès Orateur(s) : Suzana Hadjur (UCL), Timothee Lionnet (NYU), Karen Miga (UCSC), Didier Trono (EPFL)

    Epigene2sys online meeting 2021

    Epigene2Sys is a CNRS GDRi, coordinated by G. Almouzni (CNRS, Paris) and M-E Torres Padilla (HGMU, Munich), was launched in 2018 in continuation to the EpiGeneSys Network of Excellence,  with the aim to stimulate discoveries and discussions in epigenetics research and to encourage equal opportuni...

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