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  • Tuesday, 19th, January 2021 - Séminaire Cell Biology Series Speaker(s) : Judith KLUMPERMAN

    The role of the HOPS complex in organizing endocytosis and autophagy

    Here a link for the webinar ID for the meeting : 849 391 0964

  • Monday, 25th, January 2021 - Séminaire Immunology series Speaker(s) : Eric Vivier (APHM, Aix-Marseille Université, Innate Pharma (Marseille))

    Harnessing innate immunity in cancer therapy and beyond

    New therapies that promote antitumor immunity have been recently developed. Most of these immunomodulatory approaches have focused on enhancing T-cell responses, either by targeting inhibitory pathways with immune checkpoint inhibitors, or by targeting activating pathways, as with chimeric antige...

  • Thursday, 28th, January 2021 - Webinaire Speaker(s) : Séverine Cessac (Institut Curie), Jérémie Weber (Institut Curie), Naimi Amine (Institut Curie)

    Propriété Intellectuelle et Licences

    Du dépôt au contrat de licence : le cycle de vie d'un brevet Introduction à la protection de la propriété intellectuelle : comprendre son importance La licence : une voie pour commercialiser votre invention Le contrat de licence Webinar en anglais. Click here to join on Mircros...

  • Tuesday, 2nd, February 2021 - Webinaire Speaker(s) : Thierry Delzescaux (CEA), Huaqian Wu (CEA)

    Analyse d images histologiques dans l étude préclinique des maladies neurodégénératives

    La première partie du séminaire consistera en une introduction rapide de la plateforme d'imagerie préclinique MIRCen dédiée à l'étude des maladies neurodégénératives en recherche préclinique (plateaux techniques, travaux) ainsi que les recherches menées en traitement de l'image tout particulièrem...

  • Wednesday, 3rd, February 2021 - Webinaire Speaker(s) : Florian Berger (Division of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Biophysics, Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

    Active Processes in Biology driven by Molecular Motors

    “Ideas have consequences” and we use physical descriptions and computational methods to explore the consequences of our ideas about biological systems. These systems display a large variety of active processes driven by molecular motors that transduce chemical energy into mechanical w...

  • Wednesday, 10th, February 2021 - Webinaire Speaker(s) : Miki Ebisuya (EMBL Barcelona, Spain)

    Human Time vs. Mouse Time with Recapitulated Systems

    Different species have different tempos of embryonic development: larger animals tend to grow more slowly than smaller animals. My group has been trying to understand the molecular basis of interspecies differences in developmental time by using in vitro segmentation clock as a model system.  ...

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