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Mardi 13 Juin 2023
De 12h à 13h
Centre de recherche - Paris - Amphithéâtre Marie Curie

8th Spatial Transcriptomics Odyssey Seminar : Deciphering the impact of MYCN overexpression and Alk mutation on sympathetic nervous system in Neuroblastoma with spatial transcriptomics

For the 8th session of the seminar, we are hosting Amira Kramdi and Houda Djerir from the Diversity and Plasticity of Childhood Tumours Team (U830). MYCN and ALK oncogenes are major drivers of neuroblastoma oncogenesis. Our project aims at deciphering how MYCN overexpression and Alk mutation impact the homeostasis of the sympathetic nervous system in NB mouse models. To characterize the adrenal gland, sympathetic ganglia and early stages of tumorigenesis in TH-MYCN/AlkF1178L mice, we used spatial transcriptomics for FFPE (Visium, 10X) combined with single-cell (Chromium, 10X), histology analysis and immunochemistry. In this seminar, we will present some of our preliminary results and address the challenges we face when analysing spatial transcriptomics data for FFPE.


This will be the last session of the Spatial Transcriptomics Odyssey seminar before the summer break. It will also be the opportunity to give some feedbacks on the seminar and on how you would like to make it evolve for next year! The seminar will take place physically at Institut Curie Paris. We encourage you to come onsite to have an interactive discussion. Visioconférence is made available.



Amira Kramdi & Houda Djerir
Cancer, Hétérogénéité, Instabilité et Plasticité - CHIP (U830)

Institut Curie

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