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  • Mercredi 28 Juin 2017 - Séminaire CDC Orateur(s) : Frederic BARD (IMCB - A*STAR in Singapore)

    Journey to the Center of the Cell

    How cells receive and interpret signals from the outside world is a key question in biology. Most signalling is thought to occur through cell surface receptors that transduce signals across the cell membrane and connect to cytosolic signalling cascades. At variance with this model, cell surface r...

  • Mercredi 28 Juin 2017 - Séminaire CDC Orateur(s) : Vivek SHENOY

    Cell-Matrix Interactions in Fibrosis and Cancer: Multiscale mechano-chemical models

    Much of our understanding of the biological mechanisms that underlie cellular functions, such as migration, differentiation and force sensing has been garnered from studying cells cultured on two-dimensional (2D) substrates. In the recent years there has been intense interest and effort to unders...

  • Jeudi 14 Septembre 2017 - Séminaire CDC Orateur(s) : Edgar GOMES (Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM), Lisbon, Portugal)

    Positioning the nucleus for cell function

    Connecting the nucleus to the cytoskeleton is relevant for multiple cellular processes and disruption of these connections result in multiple pathologies. Nuclear positioning within cell cytoplasm requires de connection between nucleus and the cytoskeleton. We are interesting to understand the pr...

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