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From Monday, 5th, October 2020 To Tuesday, 6th, October 2020
From 13h30 To 17h30
Centre de recherche - Paris - Webinar

Happygene2sys Epigene2Sys 2020 meeting

Epigene2Sys is a CNRS GDRi coordinated by M-E Torres Padilla (Munich) and G. Almouzni (Paris) that aims to stimulate discoveries and discussions in epigenetics research and to encourage equal opportunity and career evolution of young researchers. The Happygene2sys meeting has been organized in an informal format to stimulate interesting conversations and to keep the excitement and momentum going following the successful Epigene2sys kickoff meeting in September 2019.


Prof. Leonid Mirny


Prof. Giacomo Cavalli


Prof. Eileen Furlong


Hosted by

Fanny Gascuel

Institut Curie

Shauna Katz

Institut Curie

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