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Du Lundi 19 Juin 2017 Au Vendredi 23 Juin 2017
De 10h15 à 15h45
Centre de Recherche - Paris - Amphithéâtre Biologie du développement et cancer

3rd course on Breast Cancer

This course focuses on breast cancers both on a biological and a clinical point of view. It will cover the biology of breast cancers from stem cell biology to metastatic process encompassing special courses on diagnostic of the disease, the state -of art of treatment with presentation of clinical trials and modalities of follow-up.

A special focus will emphasize the recent data on oestrogen resistance, basal-like and hereditary breast cancers, their new therapeutic strategies and what next generation sequencing provides in breast cancer biology and clinical management.

Seminars in blue are opened to Institut Curie's staff without registration.
More information here.

Organizers: Roman Rouzier, Anne Vincent-Salomon & Jean-Yves Pierga

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