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Jeudi 14 Septembre 2017
De 11h à 12h30
Centre de Recherche - Paris

Positioning the nucleus for cell function

Connecting the nucleus to the cytoskeleton is relevant for multiple cellular processes and disruption of these connections result in multiple pathologies. Nuclear positioning within cell cytoplasm requires de connection between nucleus and the cytoskeleton. We are interesting to understand the processes involved in these connections and the role for nuclear positioning in cell function.

We study cell migration and skeletal myofiber formation which required the connection between the nucleus and the cytoskeleton and precise nuclear positioning. We use different molecular and cellular approaches in combination with time-lapse imaging analysis to address these questions.


Dr Edgar GOMES

Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM), Lisbon, Portugal

Invité(e)(s) par

Dr Bruno Goud & Bruno Latgé

Institut Curie