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Jeudi 21 Octobre 2021
Centre de recherche - Paris - Webinar

Computer Vision for Bioimage Analysis

Thomas Walter is the director of the Centre for Computational Biology at Mines ParisTech and affiliated to the Institut Curie. He leads the team "Computer Vision for Bioimage Analysis" which develops methods and tools to analyse imaging data in biology and medicine. They are specifically developing computer vision, mainly deep-learning based, methods to analyse cellular and tissue phenotypes in high content screening and digital pathology data.  In this talk, Thomas will present on some of the different tools that his team is developing and their applications.


Thomas Walter
Cancer et génome : Bioinformatique, biostatistiques et épidémiologie des systèmes complexes (U900)

Institut Curie

Invité(e)(s) par

shauna katz
LABEX Cell(n)Scale

Institut Curie

Yen-Ling Lian
Biologie cellulaire et Cancer (UMR144)

Institut Curie