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Tuesday, 2nd, February 2021
From 17h To 18h
Centre de recherche - Orsay - Webinar

Analysis of histological images in the preclinical study of neurodegenerative diseases

The first part of the seminar will consist in a quick introduction of the MIRCen preclinical imaging platform dedicated to the study of neurodegenerative diseases in preclinical research (technical platforms, projects) as well as research conducted in image processing especially on histology / optical microscopy data (3D reconstruction, group analysis, segmentation of biological tissues). An update on the latest research will be carried out and will focus on current issues related to data volume, their impact in terms of IT resources and finally the widespread use of techniques based on artificial intelligence. The second part of the seminar will present the first results obtained in the field of neuron segmentation by deep learning techniques as well as the perspectives of application of these methods (color normalization, counting, mapping and numerical simulation). 


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M. Thierry Delzescaux
Chercheur / Responsable plate-forme


Mrs. Huaqian Wu


Invited by

Mrs. Frédérique Frouin
CRCN Inserm

Institut Curie