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Tuesday, November 24th, 2020
From 9h30 To 11h
Centre de recherche - Paris - Webinar

Real-time visualization of drug resistance acquisition by horizontal gene transfer reveals a new role for AcrAB-TolC multidrug efflux pump

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Drug resistance dissemination by horizontal gene transfer remains poorly understood at the cellular scale. Using live-cell microscopy, we reveal the dynamics of resistance acquisition by transfer of the F conjugative plasmid encoding the tetracycline-efflux pump TetA. We show that the entry of the ssDNA plasmid into the recipient cell is rapidly followed by complementary strand synthesis and expression of newly acquired genes. TetA production is enhanced by zygotic induction resulting in the optimized establishment of resistance. In the presence of protein synthesis-inhibiting antibiotics, acquisition of resistance becomes strictly dependent on AcrAB-TolC multidrug efflux pump. We demonstrate that AcrAB-TolC is required for maintenance of protein synthesis activity and therefore TetA production following plasmid acquisition. This work uncovers a novel essential role of multidrug efflux systems in the acquisition of drug-specific resistance by horizontal gene transfer and helps to understand the dissemination of antibiotic resistance in bacteria.


Dr. Christian Lesterlin
Université de Lyon

Institut de Biologie et Chimie des Protéines

Hosted by

Mrs. Caroline Audouin

Institut Curie

Invited by

Dr. Miné-Hattab Judith

Institut Curie


Mrs. Caroline Audouin

Institut Curie

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