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Wednesday, 13th, February 2019
Centre de Recherche - Paris - Amphith√©√Ętre Marie Curie

Imaris : The ideal solution to interactively analyze microscopy images

Through their constant innovation and a clear focus on 3D and 4D image visualization analysis, Bitplane actively shapes the way scientists process multi-dimensional microscopy images. Imaris includes a set of key tools, which cater to the needs of researchers in live-cell imaging, in particular in developmental biology, but also in neurobiology where it enables efficient 3D tracing in large images and complicated neural networks. The available tools in Imaris include: Visualization of terabyte multi-dimensional data sets; Detection, tracking and analysis of cells and organelles; Tracking of cell division, lineage analysis; Rotational and translational drift correction; Angle measurements; Neuron and spine analysis; Colocalization studies; Advanced interactive plotting for results exploration and comparison between samples; a wide range of plugins (Matlab XTensions).

The presentation given by Dr. Georgia Golfis will provide an overview of the latest features introduced in the Imaris software. 


Dr. Georgia Golfis
Sales Engineer BITPLANE

BITPLANE, an Oxford Instruments company

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Ludovic Leconte

Institut Curie

Olivier Leroy

Institut Curie