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Monday, 11th, February 2019
Centre de Recherche - Paris - Amphith√©√Ętre Antoine Lacassagne

Silencing Mechanisms of endogenous retroviruses

Epigenetic mechanisms regulate multiple aspects of normal development (stem cell maintenance, differentiation). Misregulation of epigenetic programs can result in aberrant development (cancer, aging). In this context we study the mechanisms of epigenetic gene regulation using a combination of mouse genetics (knock-out and knock-in mouse models), cell biology (embryonic stem cells, differentiation systems, CrispR/Cas, genome-wide sgRNA screens) and biochemical (ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, MeDIP-seq, ATAC-seq, etc.) approaches.


Prof. Gunnar Schotta
PhD, Professor

Biomedical Center, LMU Munich, Munich, Germany

Invited by

Nicolas Manel
Domain 3 - U932 - Immunity and Cancer

Institut Curie

Sebastian Amigorena
Domain 3 - U932 - Immunity and Cancer

Institut Curie


Nicolas Manel

Institut Curie

Elodie Mieville

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