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Monday, October 29th, 2018
Centre de Recherche - Paris - Amphithéâtre Hélène Martel-Massignac

«Dual illumination inverted light sheet microscope for live imaging»

Light sheet microscopy is an attractive fluorescent microscopy technology offering optical sectioning, high imaging speed and low photo-toxicity. Organoid cultures have been recently established to study organ formation and tissue morphogenesis. While light sheet microscopy would be the imaging technique of choice for organoids, many current light sheet microscopes suffer from complicated sample mounting that also limits sample survival (e.g., mounting in FEP tube or agarose embedding) and lack of multi-position imaging.

To overcome these limitations Viventis Microscopy has developed a dual illumination inverted light sheet microscope system optimized for live imaging of organoids and other sensitive samples such as living mouse or Zebrafish embryos. The sample is mounted in a customized plastic bottom dish and is therefore easily accessible from top, completely isolated from immersion medium and multiple samples can be imaged in parallel.

Using this microscope we were able to acquire a continuous five-day long time-lapse capturing the formation of fully grown intestinal organoid starting from a single stem cell embedded in a matrigel.


Petr Strnad
Viventis Microscopy Sàrl, Lausanne, CH

Invited by

Jean-Léon Maître,

Institut Curie

Olivier Renaud

Institut Curie


Lavanya Premvardhan

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Almut Eisele

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