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Vendredi 14 Septembre 2018
Centre de Recherche - Paris - Amphithéâtre Hélène Martel-Massignac

Tissue regeneration, infection and aging: Deciphering intestinal stem cell regulation using organoids.

The intestinal tract is a vital organ required for absorption of nutrients. It is one of the most rapidly proliferating organs in the body and complete epithelial cell turnover is achieved within 3-5 days. Epithelial renewal is driven by a population of intestinal stem cells that are tightly controlled. The regulation of intestinal stem cells by the micro-environment is complex, and involves the secretion of paracrine molecules that activate stem cell specific pathways. The local function of the Neuregulin family of ligands in this context is currently unknown. In addition, the stem cell compartment is vulnerable to a variety of pathologies and conditions, including C. difficile infection and aging, but the precise mechanisms underlying this remain to be fully characterised.

Using mouse models and intestinal organoid cultures, we have 1) identified Neuregulin1 as a new niche secreted molecule that contributes to intestinal stem cell maintenance, 2) developed strategies to rejuvenate aged intestinal stem cells and 3) shown that C. difficile toxins target specifically the stem cell pool.

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Thierry Jarde

Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Monash University, Australia


Bethan Lloyd-Lewis
Domain 2 - UMR 3215 / U934 - Genetics and Developmental Biology

Institut Curie

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Silvia FRE
Domain 2 - UMR 3215 / U934 - Genetics and Developmental Biology

Institut Curie