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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018
From 11h30 To 12h30
Centre de Recherche - Paris - Amphithéâtre Antoine Lacassagne

A network of lipid-transfer proteins at the crossroads between metabolism and signalling

Lipid metabolism attracts much attention owing to the pleiotropic roles of lipids and their implication in human pathologies, and this interest motivates growing efforts dedicated to cataloguing the lipidome. However, all aspects of lipid function rely on their heterogeneous distribution in living systems and the formation of molecular signatures that define organelle membranes or micro-domains. Lipid metabolism – and its associated disorders – needs to be understood in the context of this functional, three-dimensional organization. An emerging player in these processes is a group of disease-associated proteins known as lipid-transfer proteins (LTPs). They spatially organize lipids and connect lipid metabolic pathways that are distributed across distinct organelles, but our knowledge of these transport mechanisms remains fragmented. I will present a number of new large-scale biochemical methods designed to systematically characterize the pathways of LTP-mediated lipid movements.


Anne-Claude Gavin

EMBL - Group Biochemical networks in health and diseases

Invited by

Daniel Lévy

Institut Curie


Daniel Lévy

Institut Curie

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