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Du Mercredi 7 Février 2018 Au Mercredi 14 Février 2018
De 13h30 à 16h
Centre de Recherche - Paris - Amphithéâtre Biologie du développement et cancer

7th course on Non-Coding Genome

This course will explore the versatility of non-coding RNAs, a diverse and prevailing class of transcripts that engage in numerous biological processes across every branch of life in all living organisms from bacteria to humans. Word-famous researches will expose their very last discoveries in identification and biogenesis to functional roles of non-coding RNAs in physiology and human disease. It will provide an opportunity to young students and research fellows to discuss their work with an international scientific community in a warm and stimulating environment of Institut Curie.

The success of the course relies on an active participation of the trainees in discussions and exchange with invited speakers, the poster presentation of their own scientific projects, Journal Clubs by reviewing and presenting key articles in the field chosen by the speakers.

Seminars are opened to Institut Curie's staff without registration.
More information here.

Organizers: D. Bourc'his, E. Heard, A. Londono, A. Morillon, M. Pinskaya, A. Shkumatava, F. Toledo

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