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Mercredi 21 Février 2018
Centre de Recherche - Orsay - Amphithéâtre du Bâtiment 111

Coordinating DNA Replication Termination with Mitotic Entry

         G2 is defined as the “growth” phase that follows DNA replication and precedes mitosis. However, recent works have shown examples of uncompleted replication that persists all the way to mitosis, where it leads to chromosomal breakage and genome instability. How or if mechanisms exist to prevent that unreplicated genomes reach mitosis is poorly understood. We have now identified an ubiquitin-based signaling network that couples DNA replication termination to mitotic entry. Our results in this area will be presented.      




Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo

Genomic Instability Group, Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, Spain; Division of Genome Biology, Karolinska Institute, Sweden


Sarah Lambert
Domain 1 - UMR 3348 - Genotoxic Stress and Cancer

Institut Curie


Sarah Lambert

Institut Curie

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