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Lundi 4 Septembre 2017
De 14h à 15h
Centre de Recherche - Paris - Amphithéâtre Antoine Lacassagne

Interaction of the mucosal immune system with the microbiota

The microbiota is emerging as an important environmental factor influencing several functions of our body. Many disorders have been associated to a disequilibrium of the microbiota that is called dysbiosis., these include not only gut disorders as inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer, but also systemic disorders like type II diabetes and even neurodegenerative disorders. How does dysbiosis impact on our life? We have described the existence of a vascular barrier in the gut that resembles the blood brain barrier. This barrier excludes the microbiota from entering the portal circulation and reaching the liver and other systemic districts. In this context we have analyzed how microbiota dysbiosis impacts on the barrier and may induce the development of several disorders in the gut liver axis.


Maria Rescigno

European Institute of Oncology and University of Milan, Italy

Invité(e)(s) par

Ana-Maria Lennon
Domain 3 - U932 - Immunity and Cancer

Institut Curie

Olivier Lantz
Domain 3 - U932 - Immunity and Cancer

Institut Curie