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Mardi 27 Juin 2017
Centre de Recherche - Paris

Centromeric control of nuclear envelope disassembly

Chromosome ‘linearity’ is so universal among eukaryotes that we assume it to be evolutionarily advantageous. Nonetheless, formidable challenges are presented by linear chromosome ends, as their resemblance to damage-induced DNA breaks makes them vulnerable to degradation and end-joining pathways that provoke aging or cancer. Julie Cooper’s laboratory studies how telomeres protect chromosome integrity, as well as alternative strategies for chromosome end protection in the absence of canonical telomeres. The lab has also discovered unanticipated roles of telomeres in controlling both spindle and centromere assembly during meiosis. These studies are prompting a re-examination of the roles played by specific microenvironments within the nucleus

Areas of Expertise

  1. telomeres 2) centromeres 3) DNA damage response 4) meiosis 5) chromatin structure and replication 6) telomerase


Affiche du séminaire


Dr Alfonso Fernandez ALVAREZ

NIH/NCI, Bethesda (MD, USA)

Invité(e)(s) par

Dr Angela Taddei

Institut Curie


Mme Dominique Chardonnieras