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  • Wednesday, 21st, April 2021 - Webinaire Speaker(s) : Julien Berro (Yale University, USA)

    Force production and force sensing during clathrin-mediated endocytosis

    Clathrin-mediated endocytosis (CME) consists of the formation of a vesicle out of a flat membrane in eukaryotes. When membrane tension and/or turgor pressure are high, actin dynamics is required to produce the forces required to invaginate the membrane and pinch it off into a vesicle. However, ho...

  • Wednesday, 28th, April 2021 - Webinaire Speaker(s) : Michael Levin (Tufts University, Medford, MA, USA)

    Bioelectric networks as determinants of biological growth and form: from pre-neural circuits to electroceuticals

    Traumatic injury, birth defects, and even cancer and aging: most biomedical problems would be resolved if we had control over 3D living anatomy. In order to control what structures cells build, we need to understand how cellular collectives make decisions - how do groups of cells know what to bui...

  • Friday, 7th, May 2021 - Webinaire Speaker(s) : Aurélien COURTOIS (Laboratory for chromosome segregation BDR RIKEN)

    Live-imaging of the opossum embryo development: Establishing a new powerful model organism for developmental biology.

    Zebrafish and chicken embryo can easily be cultured in vitro from zygote to birth, and new microscopy techniques give access to organs and limbs formation in the context of the whole developing embryo. But no mammal has been born in vitro, starting from a zygote, up to now and imaging a process o...

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