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  • Mercredi 10 Janvier 2018 - Séminaire Orsay series Orateur(s) : Jean-Louis Mergny (Université de Bordeaux, Inserm U1212 – CNRS UMR 5320 - Institut Européen de Chimie Biologie (IECB) )

    Quadruplexes are everywhere!

    A number of non-classical pairing patterns are possible between or within DNA and RNA strands. These interactions result in the formation of unusual structures, among them G-quadruplexes and i-motifs. G-quadruplexes (G4) result from the stacking of several G-quartets (formed by hydrogen bonding o...

  • Mercredi 21 Février 2018 - Séminaire Orsay series Orateur(s) : Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo (CNIO, Madrid, Spain)

    Exploring the role of replicative stress in cancer and ageing


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